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Fitness & Spa

Set in an ideal and privileged space to relax and relieve stress. We wait.


Guided by an expert group of professors the gym offers a variety of activities from which you can choose: pilates, new pilates, aerobics, water aerobics, spinning byke, indoor cycle, esferodinamia, latin aero, localized and more.

Heated indoor pool

With 12 hidrojets performing a gentle massage especially in the lower back. With 4 central oxygen injectors and two waterfalls pool is a fun space to enjoy a sensational relaxation. Its glass roof allows the passage of natural light and contact with nature, even in winter.

Turkish bath

A moist heat treatment helps to eliminate toxins through perspiration, and is an excellent muscle relaxant. Its temperature ranges between 131° F and 140° F.


A dry heat treatment, the temperature is approximately 176° F. Stimulating and refreshing, excellent for eliminate tension and achieve muscle relaxation.


With mineral bath salts, intimate atmosphere and moisturizing with juices or teas. Promotes sense of vitality and energy, stimulates circulation and oxygenation throughout the body, with a significant effect on health, improves quality of life. Induces relaxation.

Scottish Shower

Body massage using pressurized water. Recommended to improve circulation and tone the tissues, helps fight cellulite and sagging. Suitable for areas with contractures.

Relax Area

Located upstairs, equipped with two automatic massage chairs, allows a deep relaxation, perfect combination to start, continue or end a spa session. The space of the forest, however, can be in perfect contact with nature, enjoying a unique place of its kind.
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